The group CRV-plants.  

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Good day!

My name is Jan Van Herreweghe. I present to you our company CRV-plants. It was founded in 1998.
Our customers are companies in Russia and SNG countries, engaged in garden design, landscaping and wholesale trade.
Since we are working for Russia, we focus on breeding and cultivation of frost-resistant plants. For over 10 years we have been monitoring the survival of the material sold. As a result, today we are working with nearly 50 companies in Russia and SNG countries.

respectfully Jan Van Herreweghe
General Manager of CRV-plants
President of the Union BELBEX of Belgian exporters of outdoor nursery stock
President of Union BEST SELECT, (Belgian Shrub and Tree SELECTions)
Member of board of the four unions of manufacturers and suppliers of plant.